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This is the ONLY dentist I have used for the last 12 years. They educate you on the process and don’t rush their work. They take upmost care of you and Dr. Taina and his assistants are very calming and reassuring—they make going to the dentist and maintaining your dental health fun and enjoyable. This is my forever dentist!

Jen S.

Maple Valley Dentistry, Dr. Bernardo E. Taina DDS and staff are the best. My entire life I’ve struggled finding good and caring dentists, when I find one I really like, I am loyal. Since my first visit over 7 years ago, Dr. Taina has been my dentist and I will not go anywhere else. He can do just about any procedure with little to no pain, he is caring, gentle and his persona is very calming. His Hygienists are the same, they listen to your feedback about sensitive areas and work to make your visit as comfortable as possible. I won’t go anywhere else.


Just got finished with my dental appointment here, first one since COVID started and this is the best dental office I’ve ever been. The staff was incredibly sensitive to my comfort needs, and struggles with dental hygiene as someone with depression- every other place I’ve been in the past has made horribly rude jokes about it or flat out dismissed it. I was really worried about coming in as this is the first time I’ve ever had a gap in my care but I’m definitely comfortable coming back.

Olivia B.

had a smooth, easy cleaning today and she is friendly, gentle, thorough, and just made me super comfortable! I’m requesting her for every cleaning!

Faulton G.

I am a 39 year old female with horrible teeth genetically. I just seen Dr Bernardo Taina a few days ago and he is THE only dentist that has ever made me not feel ashamed of my teeth problems. He has a soothing and genuine caring nature that is impossible to miss. I only want to see him in the future as well as my children and husband be treated by him personally. I have had so many traumatic experiences with dentists over the last couple of decades. Dr. Taina is definitely worth the wait to get in to see if you can. Trust me!


The best dentists I have ever went to. Caring, kind and very knowledgeable. I was always scared of dentist but here it is totally different; both doctors do their magic and I know I can trust them.

Agata L.

Excellent gentle care. I would drive miles for Dr. Taina. I cannot recommend him more highly for his expertise and calm environment.
He handled an emergency filling loss, a cleaning and now future work. Dr. Taina is an excellent dentist who takes responsibility for your teeth. He also has excellent wheelchair accessible services. The dental chair is adjustable, the room is big enough and the arm is not in the way for transfer from a wheelchair. X-rays are taken in the dental chair. The x-ray machine comes out of the wall so there's no squeezing into a separate small room that usually cannot accommodate a wheelchair. I have a dentist for life.

N Federick

Love coming to visit Dr. Taina! He’s very patient and thorough. My experience is always great from beginning to end with everyone in the office being so welcoming and kind. Would definitely recommend!

Jenny V.